Hustle City steers into position to become next cycling video game for trainers


It seems like the secret to success for any trainer workout is distraction. Whether that means focusing on holding a certain wattage & cadence, or thinking about something else entirely, if you can distract yourself from the fact that you’re riding in place, your workouts will be far more successful.

That’s probably why we’re witnessing the ‘gamification’ of training thanks to the rise of the smart trainer. Video games are always a popular distraction, and if you can combine that with a way to maintain fitness in a fun way that doesn’t feel like training, it’ll likely be a winning combination.

That’s what the team behind Hustle City hope to produce with the latest trainer-based cycling video game. Calling it an experimental project, James Grady from Mission Crit teamed up with his creative partner Marcus Cheek who are both life long cyclists and former bike messengers.